Thursday, November 19, 2009

Do Assholes Get to See Angels

The park lights get smaller and smaller and I feel like I'm leaving outer space.
God's salt seasoning rotten fruit trees.
Rest your chin between my knees.
Love means hands tied behind our backs.
I abdicate my power because single soldiers don't defeat armies anymore.
This isn't God's land.
You'll nail this to the stake for the next 3 years anyway.
Tower over me not with film but with a sword and sceptor.
Acts of amnesty to pardon my past offenses that may have stumbled you.
Little Keithlyn.
Despite all the goodwill of your love, you have come to mistrust me.
Taken seriously certain inconsequential remarks.
I beg not for forgiveness but for forgetfulness.
Ironically, September is officially brain aneurysm awareness month.
You should have judged me according to my actions, not my cockamamy words.
Agnize my tenderness underlying my silly pretensions.
Flowers are just so contradicting though,
Lazy daisy,
You were just to young to know how to love me.


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